Belizean Jungle or Caribbean Beach? Do Both!


The most wonderful thing about Belize? It’s not the Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce, the incredible Mayan chocolate, or the wild adventures that await you in the rainforest and beneath the waves. It’s the fact that you can do any and all of this in a single day.

After all, it only takes a couple of hours to get all the way from the Guatemalan border near Ka’ana to the sandy shores of the Caribbean. Or even better – a quick flight on one of the small planes that criss-cross the country each day.

Map to Ka'ana and Itz'ana Belize

So when planning your next adventure, don’t stress about the choice between a beach vacation or a jungle escape. You can easily do both in beautiful Belize!

We’ve got three wonderful packages to choose from – whatever your desires.

Kaana Belize Beach and Jungle Packages

This is the complete package. Spend a week being wined, dined, and adventured out by the country’s only branded luxury resorts – Ka’ana and Las Terrazas. As your hosts, we’ll make sure you have the ultimate luxury experience – from private tours to a sunset cruise and a private 4-course dinners under the stars.

Kaana Belize Beach and Jungle Packages

Ambergris Caye is Belize’s most famous island. And its most famous address is the beautiful Victoria House. Our Sand & Stone package allows you to spend a few luxurious nights in the jungle followed by a few gorgeous days on the white sand beaches of Ambergris.

Kaana Belize Beach and Jungle Packages

Boutique luxury at its finest. The Rainforest & Reef package provides adventure by day in the Mayan jungles of Cayo and the beautiful sea off the coast of Placencia, followed by nights in two of Belize’s most incredible small resorts.

Itz'ana Belize Resort & Residences

Have you heard the news? We love the beaches of Belize so much that we’re claiming a piece of Caribbean perfection for ourselves! Our new sister property, Itz’ana Resort & Residences, will be opening in beautiful Placencia later this year. Hope to see you there, lounging with your toes in the sand!

Can’t wait? Contact out team today to book your perfect jungle/beach fusion getaway.