Explorer Series: Our Fearless Leader Wolfgang Brandl


For the last 18 months Ka’ana has been beyond lucky to be led by a true adventurer. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty in the organic garden, shake things up, and represent Ka’ana on the international stage.

At the stables in Belize

We sat down with General Manager Wolfgang Brandl for an interview about what makes Belize such a special place for explorers…

What excites you most about your job?

Having worked my whole life in hotels & resorts, what excites me most about my job is the interaction I’m afforded with many different people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Here at Ka’ana, something I find very exciting is the diversity of my role. In my previous positions, I haven’t been able to have as much involvement with the tours, adventures and exploring – I love it.

What’s your favorite guest story?

I cannot begin to choose! I have so many. We recently launched our Plant a Fruit Tree Program and the excitement of the guests when they select their own tree on-site from our garden, and name and plant it themselves is something very invigorating.

In the organic garden at Ka'ana Resort

What do you think makes Cayo such a special place on the international travel scene?

Being one of the top two leading tourist destinations in the country, Cayo certainly proves itself to be one of the most special places to visit. The culture and history are unique, but what compliments these is the friendliness of the people and the service etiquette of the staff. The mix of culture, rainforest, caves and natural wonders stands out and makes Cayo so special.

What’s your favorite activity in Belize?

One of my most favorite things is going horseback riding early in the morning. The serenity at Hanna’s Stables at the break of dawn, the scenery of Santiago’s farm, the forest and the river are magical places to be.

Explorers on horseback in Belize

What fingerprint do you hope to leave on the DNA of Ka’ana?

“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and example.” Like this quote, I always try to lead by example and I am never shy to get hands-on. It is my hope that some of the young leaders on our team will adopt this DNA and achieve great things in the future in this growing tourism industry within Belize and across international borders.

We have no doubt that with a leader like Wolfgang, the Ka’ana team will continue to achieve great things!

Visiting the school kids in Cayo Belize

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