Explorer Series: Tour Guide Andee Moh


It’s time for the next installment of our Explorer Series! This month: the man who is an absolute legend amongst our guests; a fantastic guide and a true Belizean adventurer… Andee Moh!

This guy is so popular that one of our recent guests declared “I wanted to adopt Andee by the end of our trip – he became like family!” We sat down with the man himself to ask him a few questions about his experience as a tour guide and what makes Belize such an incredible destination for adventurers.

Adventuring Andee in Belize

What do you enjoy most about being a tour guide?

The things that I enjoy the most are meeting guests on a daily basis, being able to share my culture, and most importantly seeing different places; places that a lot of Belizeans have not seen or are not able to see on an everyday basis. I personally feel that as a guide, I have a very important role to be an ambassador for Belize and for the beauty and treasure that we have in our jewel.

The best tour guide in Belize

What’s your favorite guest story?

One of my favorite guest stories occurred while I was doing a cave tubing tour. I find myself venturing very deep into some very remote areas of the cave system, going through cracks and very small spaces. Of course, the very eerie feeling becomes overwhelming and these guests began to feel like they might end up trapped in the cave… but at the end of the day we still survived. The comfort of knowing my guests felt safe with me during a very nerve wracking situation makes this one of my favorite story.

The best tour guide in Belize

What tour activity do you think makes Cayo such a special place to visit? And why?

What actually makes Cayo a hotspot destination is the famous ATM Cave which gives guest the feeling of being in an ancient museum. The antiques and intricate remains that you get to see in the cave are just incredible and leave your mind in a state of complete awe. It’s an experience that should be on everybody’s bucket list.

ATM Cave Belize

What would you consider to be your personal favorite activity in Belize?

Cave tubing! My reason for personally enjoying this activity is because of the setup of the cave. Guests of all ages are able to enjoy this tour which makes it a very family friendly tour. From the cave tubing you also get to enjoy more serious cave exploration. Something for everyone!

Andee at Xunantunich

What should guest expect when booking a tour exploration with Ka’ana?

When booking a tour exploration with Ka’ana, guests should really expect the unexpected. Everything we do at Ka’ana is private and personalized and will definitely be an experience like no other. No other resort in the Cayo region does it like us. We infuse every aspect of Belizean culture in everything that we offer.

That we do Andee! It’s in our bones.

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