Author Ka'ana Belize

Conveniently located near all major touring attractions in Belize's Cayo District, Ka'ana Boutique Luxury Resort is Belize's first Small Luxury Hotel Of The World and the only choice for discerning travelers. With nearby cultural, historical and eco-adventure attractions, guests can utilize Ka'ana as an ultra-luxurious and exclusive out-post. Adventure seekers can experience what was once the center of the Mayan Empire, while our team of culinary artisans immerse you in authentic Belizean gourmet cuisine. Enjoy the best of Belize - its people, its food, and its attractions at a world class resort that pays respectful homage to this truly spectacular destination.


A big highlight and memorable moment for me was hanging out in the kitchen of Ka’ana Boutique Resort with the personable, talented and passionate Chef Sean Kuylen (pronounced kwee-ln), born and raised in Belize. With the bubbly enthusiasm of a little boy, he was bouncing around the compact space wanting to show me the ingredients he was using, tell me about his ideas for future dishes and have me taste a bit of this and everywhere he turns.

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