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Cara Araneta

Date Visited: April 1, 2011


Occupation: Designer

Cara has worked 10 years in Fashion, thought she loved City Escapes in Paris until she visited Belize and decided adventure is the new chic.


What inspired and surprised you about the location?


How untouched it was; it's like Jurassic Park minus the dinosaurs! For a long time I thought Belize was an island and had no idea what to expect.


What makes Belize different from any other destination you've been to?


I first visited with a group of good friends and had many firsts: swimming with sharks and large sea turtles, spelunking in a cave and seeing human sacrifices, climbing a Maya Temple, the list goes on!


What was your favorite thing about Ka'ana?


My favorite thing about Ka'ana is the charm. There's something special about that place, from all the personal touches like the candlelit walkways at night to the friendly staff.