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Four Perfect Days in Belize at Ka'ana

Por: Ka'ana Resort / 05 Apr 2018
Four Perfect Days in Belize at Ka'ana

"Nobody can discover the world for somebody else," wrote Wendell Berry. "Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone."

At Ka'ana, we invite you to discover our corner of the world for yourself. Here's how to enjoy four perfect days at Ka'ana, in the jungles of western Belize.

Day 1

10 a.m. Green means go!

Wake up leisurely to the sounds of tropical birds chirping, and get energized for the day ahead with our green juice and greek yogurt breakfast in bed. Our juice is a superfood blend of chaya, ginger, pineapple, honey and lime, all sourced from our on-site organic garden. Pair it with our house-made granola and yogurt parfait, made with fruits from the local farmers' market. It's a fresh and balanced start to the day.

Four Perfect Days in Belize at Ka'ana

11 a.m. Ride to ruins

Begin your adventure at Hanna's Stables, nestled within 400 acres of lush green farmland by Ka'ana. From there, you'll make your way through forests to the majestic Xunantunich, where you'll explore Maya temple ruins with an archaeologist as your personal guide.

Next, it's time for lunch. Let the horses graze while you picnic along the banks of the Mopan River, taking in the sights and smells of the tropical rainforest over a well-deserved lunch before you meander back home.

3 p.m. Plunge & relax

Back from Xunantunich, take a rejuvenating afternoon dip in Ka'ana's saltwater pool. Then, head to our spa and discover the energy of Belize with a traditional Maya abdominal massage. Passed down through an unbroken chain of midwives, healers and shamans for centuries, this ancient technique is said to guide internal abdominal organs into their proper position for optimum health and well-being, while improving the flow of chi and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. You'll find yourself rested, relaxed and rejuvenated.

7 p.m. Tasting & toasting

For your first night, our chef can prepare a tasting menu of his favorite dishes from our kitchen. Enjoy an intimate, multi-course meal under the stars, paired with wines of your choosing from our cellar. It's the perfect setting to toast to a perfect evening.

After dinner, grab drinks at The Wallace, our cocktail bar, before heading to bed, ready to take on the next day.

Day 2

7 a.m. Breakfast in bed

In preparation for more adventure, have another invigorating breakfast delivered to your villa for an unhurried morning as you soak in the sights and sounds of a new day in the jungle. For a local-inspired start, try the chaya (Belizean superfood) and eggs with a side of fry jacks.

Four Perfect Days in Belize at Ka'ana

9 a.m. Explore Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

Time to explore! Hidden in the heart of the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve and deep within the jungle, Actun Tunichil Muknal is one of Belize's most impressive caves. Hike through the jungle, cross three rivers and swim into the hourglass-shaped entrance of this sacred cave. Once inside, you'll climb through to major interior cathedrals, which hold ceramic and skeletal remains from ancient sacrificial ceremonies.

6 p.m. From dusk to dine

After a long day of cave explorations, enjoy the sunset and a signature cocktail back at Ka'ana. Afterward, move outside for dinner on the fire deck, where you'll dine beside a glowing fire under the stars with the Belizean jungle all around.

Day 3

7 a.m. Yoga in the ruins

Discover a new level of spirituality with a private yoga session amongst the ancient Maya temples of Xunantunich. Set in the expansive grassy center courtyard of the site's main plaza, you'll deepen your practice in this zen locale, which, over a thousand years ago, was a bustling ancient city.

Four Perfect Days in Belize at Ka'ana

8 a.m. Live like a local

After yoga, head to nearby San Ignacio with one of Cayo's very own local personalities as your private guide. Venture to the town's market where you'll mingle with farmers and craftsmen before you enjoy a Belizean brunch. Next, visit surrounding villages on a culinary journey, exposing you to some of Belize's most authentic foods and experiences.

6 p.m. Pink champagne and pink Guatemala skies

Discover Belize's neighbor to the west, when you take a 60-minute drive across the Guatemalan border to Yaxha National Park, where you'll enjoy a private guided tour of this lesser visited, atmospheric site.

Just before sunset, climb a Maya temple for sundown champagne, majestically overlooking the surrounding rainforest and lake Yaxha. You'll then trek back through the jungle with torches before returning to Ka'ana.

8 p.m. Cena at La Ceiba

Retreat to our serene restaurant, La Ceiba, for a quiet dinner sourced from Ka'ana's on-site organic garden. One of our favorite dishes is Dukunu, an age-old Maya corn dish similar to polenta, served on a bed of arugula from our garden with local Mennonite sausage.

Day 4

8 a.m. Rise and soar

This morning, you'll discover Belize from a bird's eye view as you zipline through the subtropical jungle. After a scenic, 60-minute drive through rugged terrain, you'll reach a private 400-acre reserve, where you'll gear up then soar through rainforest. Surrounded by lush nature, you'll traverse fifteen platforms, a suspended bridge and a hydraulic jungle elevator, which lifts you 50 feet above the jungle canopy.

Four Perfect Days in Belize at Ka'ana

2 p.m. Mix and Maya

After the morning's adventure, hone your cocktail skills with a lesson from one of our bartenders. Create one of our unique cocktails, curated by the renowned team from Bar Lab.

With your thirst quenched, you'll participate in a Maya cooking class, led by a local Maya cook. Prepare special dishes such as tamales, corn tortillas and dukunu, while learning techniques and flavor profiles of the Maya.

7 p.m. Destination dining

For a perfect end to a perfect four days, indulge in a private, destination dinner anywhere on the Ka'ana property. From our intimate 2,000-bottle wine cellar to a wide-open picnic under the stars, our chef and staff will treat you to an unforgettable evening.

Four Perfect Days in Belize at Ka'ana

Ready to experience these magical four days for yourself? Book your own stay in Belize at Ka'ana today!

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