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For Little Explorers, Western Belize is a Wonderland of Fun

Por: Ka'ana Resort / 03 Oct 2022
For Little Explorers, Western Belize is a Wonderland of Fun

Reptiles, Insects, and Mammals! 

For the little wildlife lovers in the family, the Green Iguana Conservation Project is a thrilling opportunity for children to interact with a threatened species, the Green Iguana. This informational exhibit is designed as a conservation haven for this amazing reptile. Children will learn how vital the Green Iguana is to the balance of the ecosystem,  as well as interact with Iguanas of all sizes. Look out for the perfect photo opportunity when the curious specie crawls up to your little one's head. Say cheese! 

Located just a few miles from Ka'ana Resort lies the enchanting Butterfly Farm. A wonderful place to observe and learn, this exhibit is sure to be an enthralling experience. Lookout for the spectacular Blue Morpho butterfly, one of the main attractions. Take your love for all that soars, and discover a spectacular birding experience. Known as one of the world's premier destinations for wildlife watching, birds can be admired in their natural habitat. Observe and adore the wonderful variety of species around Ka'ana and beyond with our expert-led Bird Watching Adventure. 

Under the rays of the evening sun, take on the scenic route via horseback with an incredible Horseback Riding Adventure through the tropical rainforest towards the majestic Mayan site of Xunantunich. Here, families will have the opportunity to explore the astounding architecture and learn about the local Maya culture. Perfect for experts and beginners alike, this experience is ideal for little explorers who love wildlife and nature! 

Jungle Experiences to Sandy Shores

Jungle Explorations 

Soar through the rainforest by zipline! Outfitted in cable gear and helmets, a Jungle Ziplining experience is the perfect adrenaline rush that every explorer searches for! When complete, cool off with a Cave Tubing experience wandering through ancient caves discovering the remarkable history, unspoiled beauty, and curious wildlife that Belize has to offer. 

Bonding the entire family with laughter and thrill, the Ziplining and Cave Tubing experience is a riveting jungle activity. 

​​Jungle Experiences to Sandy Shores

Ka'ana is Your Hub 

Make the most of your family vacation and discover Ka'ana's incredible selection of on-site activities, perfectly suited for all ages! Join us at our Organic Garden and become a first-hand witness to our love for nature. During your visit, you'll learn about our regenerative and sustainable farming practices, as well as explore the wonderful bounty of fresh produce grown on-site. Here, families will have the opportunity to understand what it means to eat from the earth. For families looking to learn about the local culture, experience our Chocolate Making tour, and learn all about the ancient Maya and the beloved cacao. Or experience our Ceramic Making Class hosted by the San Antonio Women's Group, which still makes ceramic products by hand. Perfect for the little artists in the family, this experience is interactive and fun. At night, join us by the firepit to admire the striking stars and planets up above, while enjoying complimentary s'mores.  

Step into nature's playground where all things wild and wonderful begin and end. Unwind and re-energize in our luxury living spaces which have been carefully designed to coexist peacefully with our incredible rainforest surroundings. Featuring an outdoor garden, private terrace, and a gorgeous plunge pool, our Ka'ana Villas are perfectly designed for families of all sizes! Whether you're joining us for a long weekend or you're here for a while, allow our expert team to curate your jungle itinerary, tailored to you and your family.

Jungle Experiences to Sandy Shores

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