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Ka'ana Cares: Joining the Community

Por: Ka'ana Resort / 18 Apr 2018
Ka'ana Cares: Joining the Community

Here at Ka'ana, one of our core principles is to be a supportive, active member of the local community. Our staff—and often, our guests—feel a deep commitment to taking part in community efforts, helping throughout the year with programs like Pack for a PurposeGive Back and participating in local events, such as La Ruta Maya and quarterly road clean ups in San Ignacio, partnering with the Belize Tourism Industry Association.

Ka'ana Cares: Joining the Community

They showed that commitment last month when a howler monkey was struck by a car near Ka'ana. Our team brought her into the resort, fed her, and then drove her to the regional wildlife clinic for professional care. She had a fractured spine, but the clinic is going to fix her and put her into a rehabilitation center for several months. Once she's regained her strength, she'll be released back into the wild here behind Ka'ana, where her family lives.

In February and March, we also welcomed students from nearby Saint Ignatius High School's tourism program to an introduction into the world of hospitality. We host students a few times a year, and often become interns and even staff members at Ka'ana. This time, the students took a tour of the resort, tried their hands at cocktail making with bartender Miguel, and enjoyed a gourmet lunch prepared by Chef Dean. We're hoping that their days at Ka'ana will inspire them to continue their studies!

Ka'ana Cares: Joining the Community

March was also Child Stimulation Month in Belize, when the whole country honors the importance of early education. Preschools nationwide dedicate the month to fun, educational activities, like nature walks, nutrition days, storytelling and more.

At Ka'ana, we love when guests want to get in on the community action as well. Recent guests Nina Strait and her daughter Jacqueline are a prime example. They took part in Pack for a Purpose, and joined the Ka'ana team for a visit to a local school to share supplies from the ongoing program. During their time at the school, the Toronto-based Straits read books and enjoyed time interacting with the children, and the Ka'ana team joined in on a soccer game with them—Wolfgang, our General Manager, was the referee!

"We've been involved in projects such as Pack for a Purpose before," says Nina. "It's a wonderful opportunity to give back to a place that we are fortunate enough to be visiting." During this visit, she and Jacqueline loved getting a glimpse into the life of both the teachers and students. "Singing and reading with the children on grades one and two was a true eye opener for me, as these youngsters are being educated entirely in English, their second language. Their teacher is the first—and, in most of the students' cases, only—person to speak in English with them."

Ka'ana Cares: Joining the Community

"My motto is always to try to be mindful and appreciative of other people and communities," says Nina. "And to remember that we are all here to help each other in whatever way we can."

We here at Ka'ana fervently agree, and are thrilled to welcome you into our community.

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