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Adventures and Activities At San Ignacio, Cayo


Uncover Thrilling Belize Adventures

Belize is an adventurer's paradise, with breathtaking wilderness and historical monuments around every corner. Whether you are a thrill-seeker, birdwatcher, history-craver, or all of the above, a multitude of exciting adventures await you.

Atm Cave At San Ignacio, Cayo

Atm Cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal)

Nestled in the heart of the Belizean rainforest and the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, ATM cave was a sacred place to the Mayas of Belize. Start your adventure with a 45-minute trek that includes wading across 3 rivers to get you to the "Cave of the Stone Sepulcher." It is the place where ceremonies once took place.

Tikal Maya Ruins At San Ignacio, Cayo

Tikal Archeological Site

A legendary journey into a storied past! Situated in Guatemala's largest protected area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it holds ruins comprising over 3,000 astounding structures set in 21 square miles. Tikal ("City of Echoes") is the largest and most archeologically rich of the ruins left by the Maya.


"Awaken your body and spirit with sunrise Yoga at Ka'ana. Enjoy the perfect Belize Yoga retreat in the serene and beautiful jungle. Choose from various Yoga locations on-site or the nearby Mayan temples."
Spa and Wellness At San Ignacio, Cayo

Spa and Wellness

Rest and rejuvenate with our on-site spa treatments, which feature local and organic products. Explore Holistic Reiki healing therapies and local specialty treatments like Maya Abdominal Massage. It is the perfect way to unwind physically and spiritually with our traditional spa services.
Adventure Horseback Riding At San Ignacio, Cayo

Adventure Horseback Riding

Enjoy a horseback ride across an open pasture toward the bank of the Mopan River. A thrilling river crossing takes you off the beaten path and on an eye-opening ride that reveals a slower way of life.
Yaxha Sunset Tour At San Ignacio, Cayo

Yaxha Sunset Tour

Yaxche is found just 45 minutes from Belize´s western border. Enjoy a spectacular sunset over the horizon framed by the lake on the city's western side. After this tour, return to back for a delectable dinner at our resort.
The Belize Zoo At San Ignacio, Cayo

The Belize Zoo

Explore 125 species of native Belize wildlife on the 29 acres of tropical savanna; the Belize zoo is just an hour from our resort to Belize City. Learn about the unique qualities of creatures and the importance of protecting their natural habitat. It is a fantastic stop for animal lovers.
Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve At San Ignacio, Cayo

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

With 300,000 acres of protected pine forests, explore sites from Thousand-foot falls, the largest fall in Belize and the Central American region, and the cave Rio Frio and a quarter-mile cave. Enjoy cool temperatures and see splendid natural monuments at the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.
Horseback Riding To Xunantunich At San Ignacio, Cayo

Horseback Riding To Xunantunich

Take a scenic ride to the ruins on horseback in Cayo district, the heart of horse country in Belize. Head off the beaten path to Morningside Ranch, where you will gallop across orchards, jungle canopies, and streams for a 2-hour ride to Xunantunich. Take in the sights and smells of the tropical rainforest on the banks of the Mopan River and see the ancient Mayan Temples.
Xunantunich Maya Ruins At San Ignacio, Cayo

Xunantunich Archeological Site

Located on a natural limestone ridge is the ancient Maya ruins of Xunantunich. It was home to indigenous people who made art and architectural magic and pioneered clever engineering wonders, leaving archaeologists in awe. You can see the 360-degree panorama of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and villages bordered by Guatemala.
Helicopter Transfer At San Ignacio, Cayo

Helicopter Transfer

Experience a bird's-eye view of lush jungle reserves, Maya mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. Enjoy the thrilling escape to witness Belize's diverse landscapes and environments and end your outing with an aerial tour of the ancient Maya city Xunantunich.
Cave Tubing & Ziplining At San Ignacio, Cayo

Cave Tubing & Ziplining

Spend a few hours cave tubing along the cool waters or enjoy a zipline through the canopy of Belize's rainforest for an hour. Explore two large chambers with a headlamp, both impressive sanctuaries used by the Mayans for rituals, or listen to the sounds of the cascading waterfalls and bubbling rapids led by your guide.
Barton Creek Cave At San Ignacio, Cayo

Barton Creek Cave

Stop by this ancient wonder after a leisurely drive across rivers, jungle trails, orange orchards, and the Mennonite community of Barton Creek. If you dare, go ahead and plunge into the cold underground river for a truly incredible experience of exploring the remnants of an ancient Maya civilization.
Caracol Maya Ruins At San Ignacio, Cayo

Caracol Archeological Site

Explore the ancient courtyards, ball courts, residential complexes, and a complete astronomical observatory. See over 100 tombs that have been uncovered to date. Caracol Archeological Site ("snail") represent the largest Mayan city in Belize and are home to the biggest man-made structure in the country.
Bird Watching At San Ignacio, Cayo

Bird Watching

Belize is home to the rare, orange-breasted falcon; this tour will take you to one of only 13 locations in Central America. Spend a leisure day training your eagle eyes by witnessing many interesting birds, wildlife, and flora.

  • Activities: Bird-watching and Hiking trails
Maya Cooking Class At San Ignacio, Cayo

Maya Cooking Class

Experience the unique Maya culture with our food rooted in a thousand years of history and tradition. Maya cooks still use ancient methods to prepare flavorful meals for their families. Plan your culture and culinary adventure! 
Cacao Farm & Chocolate Making At San Ignacio, Cayo

Cacao Farm & Chocolate Making

Explore how to make Mayan chocolate from traditional Mayan Stone to grind organic Cacao Bean into a Paste. We will then mix the paste into a chocolate drink and add spices like the ancient Maya consume.
Big Rock Falls At San Ignacio, Cayo

Big Rock Falls

Drive into the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve for an intimate experience at one of the most breathtaking sites in western Belize. Enjoy the scenic lunch or relax at swimming spots as you hike down to a waterfall and climb over boulders, led by your adventure specialist.
Ceramic Making In San Antonio At San Ignacio, Cayo

Ceramic Making In San Antonio

The San Antonio Women's Group demonstrates the "coil method" to make ceramics by hand. You can make corn tortillas on a traditional fire hearth or walk the rest of the property and learn about the sustainable methods used to fire the ceramic kilns and sustain an organic garden.
San Ignacio Town Market Day At San Ignacio, Cayo

San Ignacio Town Market Day

This adventure bundles a visit to San Ignacio's farmers market, where you will acquaint yourself with local farmers, craft makers, and an array of Belizean-made products and souvenirs. Head off to the Iguana hatchery, practical chocolate making, and a final stop at Cahal Pech Mayan ruin before heading back to the resort.
Private Land Transfer At San Ignacio, Cayo

Private Land Transfer

Experience intimate Belize's nature, adventure, and culture with our expert guide's advice on exploring the exciting activities. Our adventure ambassadors welcome you at the airport and will be happy to answer any questions you may have to experience the paradise in Belize.