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5 Most Unique Experiences In Belize

By: Ka'ana Resort / 01 Jan 2021
5 Most Unique Experiences In Belize

Considering Belize is so small, you'll be surprised at the punch it packs when it comes to epic activities. You've got gorgeous Caribbean coastline, thick jungle, and important historical ruins – all mixed with friendly locals and laidback cities. It's also home to the second-largest coral reef in the world. So, make sure to pack your snorkel and swimsuit! 

With everything on offer in Belize, it can be hard to put together an itinerary of what to do, but we're here to help. In this post, we'll take a look at 5 of the most unique experiences in Belize. Hopefully, it'll help you to plan your trip and really make the most of your time in Central America. So, let's take a closer look!

Hitting two destinations at once – Guatemala and Belize

Okay, so this one might seem like we're cheating a bit but hear us out. Since Belize is such a small country, it's easy to hop over the border into Guatemala. Why would you want to do that? Well, if the stunning Tikal Maya Temple isn't a good enough excuse, we're not sure what is… Wondering where you've seen it before? Yep, that's right – it made an appearance in Star Wars.

If you'd prefer to stay within Belize, it has its fair share of ruins too. Some of the least crowded you'll ever encounter are Caracol. You can climb the highest pyramid there, which will give you views over into Guatemala and the surrounding areas. It's quite difficult to get too though, so it's best to take a tour or rent a 4 x 4.

For those who simply can't get enough of ruins, there's also Altun Ha, close to Belize City. These are some of the most important in the country, and you can climb to the top of the central temple too. 

Hitting two destinations at once - Guatemala and Belize

Sample delicious Belizean cuisine and learn how to make chocolate

No matter what you're expecting from the food in Belize, you're sure to be surprised and impressed. An amalgamation of Mayan and Caribbean food with a few other influences here and there, there is lots to love about Belizean cuisine. 

The most traditional influence on Belizean cooking is Mayan culture. Food is still prepared in ancient ways, including the fogon (Maya stove). Classic dishes are heavily reliant on corn – so you'll have tortillas and tamales – classic Central American dishes, while there's also a delicious and hearty caldo (soup). 

You'll also be able to enjoy tropical and seasonal dishes, such as pineapple sorbet, crushed coconut milk, and pineapple caramel. Head to the Ka'ana Resort to try typical Belizean cuisine with organic ingredients grown in their garden – for an unforgettable culinary experience that's sustainable too.

And to learn a skill and impress your friends and family back home, why not take part in a Maya Cooking Class? Or even better – put Belize's abundance of cacao to good use by making your own chocolate. We knew that'd get your attention!

Sample delicious Belizean cuisine and learn how to make chocolate

See what's at the bottom of the Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is an iconic sinkhole off the coast of Belize, and there are multiple ways to get to know this mysterious landmark. Or shall we call it a seamark! For those who are brave enough, you can scuba dive in the Blue Hole. It's on lighthouse reef and measure around 300 x 125 metres. The best time to dive is between April and June.

Don't fancy diving? Not to worry - the best view is from above – so perhaps consider a helicopter tour instead. 

The Blue Hole is not the only site where you can enjoy scuba diving (or snorkelling) in Belize. Off the exciting resort of Ambergris Caye on San Pedro - definitely worth a visit by the way, there's the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The reserve even has a part named Shark Alley. You'll see a multitude of, yep, you guessed it, sharks! But there is more marine life too. Some of the top sights include rays, turtles, and tropical fish.  

See what's at the bottom of the Great Blue Hole

Go caving in the world's most sacred cave

One of the most expensive and exclusive attractions in Belize, don't put off a visit to Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave by the price. It's been listed as the most sacred cave in the world by respected travel magazine National Geographic, and it's one of the best excursions you can do. Only 125 people are allowed into the cave per day, and you must be accompanied by a licensed guide in a group no bigger than 8. 

You'll see Mayan artefacts in the cave such as skulls and pottery. Although you can't take cameras into the cave after one tourist dropped theirs on a skull – shattering it to pieces! 

Since the cave has such a strict entry policy, if you want to visit it's best to reserve your tour before you arrive in Belize. Your accommodation can help you find a tour operator. 

Go caving in the world's most sacred cave

Spend the day drinking cocktails and tubing

With all these exciting activities in Belize, you'll need a day to chill out and relax. Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye both offer bars where you can get a drink, jump into an inner tube, and float the afternoon away under that hot Belizean sun. Just make sure to bring sunscreen with you… If you like the idea of a tube but would prefer to be moving a bit faster, there are also tubing tours of ancient Mayan caves. Combines these with zip-lining through the jungle for a real adrenaline-fuelled day out!

Spend the day drinking cocktails and tubing

So, now that you know what unique activities are on offer in Belize… 

You'll need somewhere to stay. And for a little slice of luxury to come back to after a day of exploring, there's nowhere better than Ka'ana. It's the perfect base to do all the activities listed above and more, while devoting plenty of time to relaxing in the pool, having a treatment at the spa, and trying some of the most delicious local delicacies. We can't wait to welcome you to this dream Belizean resort!

Thank you to Trip101 for this excellent contribution to the Ka'ana Resort blog! Visit for your one-stop travel guide on different ways to travel, and destinations to visit.

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