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Keeping Belize Green With Our Newest Initiative

By: Ka'ana Resort / 12 Sep 2019
Keeping Belize Green With Our Newest Initiative

The name Ka'ana means "heavenly place" but we aren't just talking about our resort grounds. The entirety of our small country is full of stunning treasures, from the lush green jungles to the vibrant blue oceans.

We're known for our green initiatives, but you know we're always looking for new ways to have a positive impact on the environment, and starting this month we have one more to add to the list! 

As part of our mission to keep the country beautiful for generations to come, this new project focuses on making it easier for our local community to get rid of trash. We've created and distributed 40 durable bins, painted with environmental slogans, around our nearby towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. It's now much easier to keep everywhere from the local school to the riverbank to the markets sparkling clean!

Keeping Belize Green With Our Newest Initiative

"The entire Ka'ana family is aware that the world climate is changing and it is changing fast and in the wrong direction. We believe that small steps from many can make a big difference overall," said our General Manager Wolfgang Brandl. 

To celebrate, Ka'ana was invited to present this collaboration in partnership with the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council at the groundbreaking ceremony of a new football field. We presented four of the forty colorful garbage bins with the mayor to rounds of applause! 

With the assistance of the Town Council, the garbage bins will be maintained and permanently allocated between San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town. This project demonstrates the strong commitment of both the public and private sector to the betterment of the environment for the entire community.

Keeping Belize Green With Our Newest Initiative

"Ka'ana wants to be an educator to our people on the ground to make a positive change and impact on the environment."

With this and our other initiatives like our on-site organic garden, our employees take ideas of green practices with them home, spreading their knowledge to the community. And of course, our international guests learn organic gardening techniques and have something extra to take back to their hometowns! 

One step at a time, we're making Belize a healthier, greener, and even more beautiful place to be.

Keeping Belize Green With Our Newest Initiative

Want to join us? Book your next trip today! As the news coverage says, "Ka'ana is a jewel in the crown of Belize tourism–as frequent guests are happy to attest. If living green is a serious part of your lifestyle, isn't it time you vacationed green, too?"

Contact our team to plan your green getaway.

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