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La Ruta Maya River Challenge 2023

By: Ka'ana Resort / 10 Feb 2023

Every year, hundreds of adventurers come to Belize to experience the thrilling La Ruta Maya river journey. This remarkable four-day canoeing experience is an incredible expedition across stunning sceneries and striking natural wonders- offering an unmatched experience that will leave its mark with cherished memories!

It's History 

For over two decades, the La Ruta Maya River Challenge has stood as a proud testimony to both the nation's history and its commitment to preserving the environment. Every year, canoe teams ranging from young hopefuls to veteran competitors take on this legendary challenge in male-only, female-only and mixed categories. Hailing from countries like Britain, Canada, and Japan, and of course, Belize, this extraordinary race brings together the thrill seekers and nature lovers from across the globe. 

The Route

Known as the longest race of its kind in Central America, the race covers one hundred and seventy miles of paddling with the journey beginning just 8 minutes from Ka'ana Resort at the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Ignacio. From there, the groups of professional and amateur canoers speed through 49 winding miles to Banana Bank, where they rest for the night. The next morning, the teams paddle their way to the next stop this time for 60 miles. The last two days are short distances: 36 miles on the third, and 26 miles on the fourth, ending in Belize City. 

Not Just a Race 

For the intrepid paddlers who take on this rite of passage, there is no greater reward than conquering all one hundred and seventy miles of paddling. Every stroke against Belizean waters tests strength and endurance yet brings paddlers a step closer to victory - for all those that make it across are champions in both body and mind!

Discover the enchantment of La Ruta Maya River Challenge 2023 with Ka'ana Resort.


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