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Our Commitment to Organic

By: Ka'ana Resort & Residences / 13 Feb 2023

At Ka'ana, we take great pride in our commitment to sustainable practices. From the beautiful grounds and lush gardens to the delicious meals served in our restaurant, organic matters at Ka'ana Resort.


Why Organic Matters

We believe in providing authentic experiences that are eco-conscious and sustainable - that's why choosing organic is a must for us. From implementing sustainable practices around our resort's grounds to farm-fresh ingredients harvested right on site; we recognize our responsibility as stewards of this planet and seek out meaningful ways– large or small –to safeguard its future.

Organic Food 

At Ka'ana, our organic garden plays a vital role. By sourcing organic produce and products from our own grounds, as well as supporting other local producers, we can reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating food miles—the distance food travels from its source to your plate. Even better, choosing organic means that you can enjoy healthier meals! Through fresh local produce, and exotic spices, our culinary team at Ka'ana are experts in crafting sumptuous meals that pay homage to nature's bounty! 

Conscious Spa Services 

We understand the importance of looking after your well-being. Our conscious collection of spa services utilizes organic products free from toxins & synthetics to ensure that you receive only the highest quality treatments available. From massages and facials crafted with essential oils and botanical extracts, our range indulges both body and soul for a truly transformative experience - leaving you relaxed yet nourished!

A Sustainable Commitment

At Ka'ana, organic matters and we believe in the power of organic! By providing guests with experiences that honor the planet's stunningly diverse terrain, we strive to promote sustainable tourism every day. We are relentless in our pursuit of creative solutions that minimize environmental impact and we invite you to experience our dedication first-hand. 

Start planning your eco-conscious vacation today!


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