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Sustainable Luxury: Ka'ana's New Eco-Friendly Initiatives

By: Ka'ana Resort / 28 Jun 2022
Sustainable Luxury: Ka'ana's New Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Sustainable Luxury: Ka'ana's New Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Set on a sequestered private parcel with 17 acres of peaceful, pristine, green jungle - Ka'ana Resort brings eco-luxury to life in Western Belize. Disconnect from it all, and connect with nature through this boutique resort dedicated to conservation and sustainability.

Fringed by tropical rainforest, Ka'ana's luxurious villas and suites offer a unique combination of jungle experience and luxury eco-living. With each room overlooking private pools, and private gardens or balconies, lavish outdoor living is merged with laid-back luxury in the 18 modern villas and suites. Accommodations boast amenities such as in-room hammocks, private pools, outdoor showers, and private gardens. Along with the resort's mission to keep the country pristine and wild, Ka'ana Resort is the embodiment of an eco-luxury escape!

Sustainable Luxury: Ka'ana's New Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Ka'ana Resort is designed to have a light carbon footprint and invites guests to join in on this responsibility, without sacrificing luxury and comfort. With a mission to preserve and protect Belize, Ka'ana carries out sustainable practices throughout the resort, from the restaurant to the room amenities, recycling, utilizing biodegradable products, and even producing high-quality drinking water without the use of plastic bottles! Here's exactly how Ka'ana Resort is putting sustainability into practice with the 5 R's of eco-friendly living:


Ka'ana is committed to going the extra mile in eco-friendly practices by refusing plastic as much as possible. At Ka'ana, you'll find biodegradable straws, containers, and bags, rather than plastic. In accommodations, beautiful wooden-carved reusable containers are used to store guests' shampoos and conditioners, rather than plastic bottles.



At Ka'ana, we are always looking for new ways to reduce waste! Our most recent sustainability initiative includes adding Eco-filters to our bar and all accommodations. These silver-enhanced ceramic filters are designed to purify water, and in turn, are reducing the environmental impact created by traditional water production and packaging.


From our restaurant to our organic garden, clever ways are found to reuse what we can. With our 65 laying hens, farm-fresh eggs are collected daily for our on-site restaurant, pairing beautifully for meals created with fruits and vegetables from our two-acre garden. The egg's shells are then reused as sprouting containers for seedlings in our organic garden!


While our resort is committed to minimizing its impact on the natural environment, we are also on a mission to enrich the environment. Our composting system provides organic materials (such as garden and food waste) with the right conditions to properly decompose, creating rich soil to nourish our flourishing grounds and garden.



A new initiative we are very excited to begin: facilitating the recycling of glass bottles! Recycling is not yet widespread in Belize, so our team Ka'ana has created our very own recycling depot. Bottles from the resort and restaurant will now be collected and transported to a local recycling company, where they will be prepared and sold to be used once again. Of course, we have also invited our staff to begin recycling their glass bottles from home by bringing them in to our recycling bins!


With our commitment to reducing plastic waste, recycling, and a plethora of other eco-friendly practices, Ka'ana strives to create a more wholesome, responsible travel experience. We cannot wait to welcome you to an even more green, clean, eco-friendly Belize on your next visit. To start planning your next eco-friendly getaway,talk to our team today!

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