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Take a Culinary Adventure to the Coast

By: Ka'ana Resort / 26 Sep 2017
Take a Culinary Adventure to the Coast

When you stay with us at Ka'ana Resort you get to experience the best of both worlds – ruins and reef.  We are excited to announce that our sister property Itz'ana Resort & Residences, located on the coast, will be opening their doors Spring 2019, giving Ka'ana guests the opportunity to experience both the jungle and sea all within family!

The journey from Ka'ana to Itz'ana is a stunning scenic drive through the mystical Maya Mountain range along Hummingbird Highway.  From Sleeping Giants in the mountain range to culinary adventures throughout, this drive has become a favorite of guests and now will be part of the experience when traveling from Ka'ana to its new sister resort Itz'ana.  Here are just a few stops you can check out along the way.

The Farmhouse Deli

Your first stop is at The Farmhouse Deli in Belmopan where you can pick up some oven-baked pastries or fresh breads to start your journey to the coast. Looking for something with a little more sustenance? You can also pick up house smoked and locally cured meats for an easy snack, or you can order a full breakfast to go! Be sure to pick up some gourmet local goodies they sell in-store before heading back on the road.

Take a Culinary Adventure to the Coast

The Country Barn

After a ten minute drive, it's time for another snack. Hey, we're on vacation – okay? Your next stop is at The Country Barn, a 45-acre dairy farm and store that serves fresh dairy products with an old-fashioned twist. Pick out your favorite local, fruit-flavored ice cream, or if you're feeling a little more health conscious there are yogurts and shakes too. Don't forget to grab some extra cheeses to go for your beach picnics that will definitely be happening in the next few days on the beach!

Take a Culinary Adventure to the Coast

Lamanai Chocolate Making

Make a stop to learn all about the ins and outs of chocolate making.  From harvesting to grounding the cacao, you'll learn the traditional Maya ways of making chocolate, used as currency back in the Maya Civilization.  This chocolate making experience is not only educational, but delicious, make sure you take some cacao nibs for the road for a little snack later on.

Ms. Bertha's Tamales

It's not really a true Belize trip without a tamale. So, the next stop is Ms. Bertha's Tamales for what is said to be the best tamales in Belize. You can't and won't miss this tiny white stand surrounded by cars just off Hummingbird Highway. Our favorite is the spiced, gooey chicken-and-corn tamale. Try it for yourself!

Take a Culinary Adventure to the Coast

Marie Sharps Hot Sauce Factory

Now you need some hot sauce for your tamales – don't worry, we've got you covered. Last but not least on your culinary adventure is Marie Sharps Hot Sauce Factory! Stay for awhile and take a personal tour of the famous factory to sample all of the different local hot sauces Marie Sharp's offers.

The final leg of the trip is along the stunning coast of the Placencia Peninsula.  With the windows down and the sea to your left, enjoy the tropical breezes as you cruise down the coast to Itz'ana where your Belizean journey continues on the Caribbean Sea!

Come experience the jungle and the sea and take your own culinary adventure.  Book a stay today.

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