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Travel Through Time with Barton Creek

By: Ka'ana Resort / 08 Apr 2022
Travel Through Time with Barton Creek

Travel Through Time with Barton Creek

With dramatic landscapes, riveting relics, and an enchanting past; the wonders of Barton Creek Cave are best discovered first-hand. Take a journey through a storied past, with our Adventure Specialist leading the way into the underground world with findings dating back to 200 AD - 900 AD. 

A Natural Museum 

Once home to the ancient Maya civilization, Belize is teeming with history and culture waiting to be discovered. History fanatics and nature enthusiasts will revel in the sights and sounds of nature and history gracefully combined into one incredible tour. Located just a few miles from our resort, Barton Creek Cave is recognized for its impressive size and enchanting history. The Maya believed that caverns were a gateway to the underground world of the gods, making Barton Creek cave one of the most significant sites for sacred Maya rituals. 

Stretching nearly two miles (three kilometers) underground, Barton Creek cave can only be explored by canoe along a meandering river through cathedral-like ceilings. Adventurers will drift along the dark and cool underground cavern while marveling at glittering stalactites and stalagmites, some fifty feet (fifteen meters) in length. Coming up close to the sites for human sacrifices, fertility rites, and bloodletting, adventurers will see human bones, centuries-old pots, and remnants of Maya artifacts such as jewelry and ceremonial weapons. 

Listed as one of the nine most beautiful and unusual cave destinations in the world by Mother Nature Network, this ancient wonder is nothing short of breathtaking. 

Reflect and Revive at Ka'ana 

After a day filled with stories of the past, take time to reflect and revive with a serene stay at Ka'ana Resort! Make yourself at home and enjoy our impeccable private spaces and rainforest surroundings that seamlessly induce a feeling of wellness and respite. Wash off the day's adventure in your outdoor shower, while mingling with nature. Then join us for dinner at our signature restaurant, La Ceiba. 

Ka'ana is your outpost for bespoke experiences. Contact our team to book your one-of-a-kind adventure today!

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