Testimonial: Belize Mayan Shaman Experience


Being an extrovert by nature and an enigma by choice, I’m an individual who holds firm to very conservative beliefs. Akin to those traits I believe in the existence of one Supreme Being who governs all things on Earth and who ultimately guides our destiny. Having gotten the opportunity to meet with Rosario Panti, Belize’s Last Mayan Shaman I have to admit that it was only my incredulous curiosity that had urged me to do so. I was a true skeptic of her insight and “healing” prowess – until I experienced it firsthand.

As skeptical as I was, I laid there on a comfortable massage table at Ka’ana Boutique Resort’s Personal Spa and didn’t utter a word as Rosario began our session.  After twenty minutes or so of an intense deep tissue massage to detoxify and release incensed energy, she told me that I carried something in my heart that is affecting my happiness; I was intrigued and had asked her to speak more of it. Rosario then blew me away with her insight into feelings I thought were tucked away too deeply for anyone but myself to ever discover.  I laid there trembling with sweaty palms and cold feet as she reiterated what she saw in her sastun- the means of divination and spiritual power for the Mayan H’mens since ancient times. It was at that point that I became convinced that my most hidden inner feelings had suddenly been publicized.

During the latter half of that massage I listened keenly as she told me of health issues, remedies, and other methods I needed to undergo to ensure that I remain a self-composed and well-rounded individual, while impacting the lives of those around me.  Having completed that treatment, I have to admit that Rosario has a very special gift, one that intrigues me but yet terrifies me! I can now testify that Rosario does possess the ability to capture human energy and dissect its components to have individuals gain a better knowledge of their lives.  Rosario is a spiritually gifted woman.

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