Ka’ana’s Adopt A School Program


As part of an industry in a country dedicated to minimizing the impact on the local culture and environment, Ka’ana has been founded on an enduring connection to the land as well as surrounding communities. We recognize the importance of providing our guests with honest luxury, without compromising the sustainability of the region. However, sustainability isn’t only about understanding the environmental impact we make, but about enhancing our guests’ experiences and the relationships we’ve established with local groups.

One such community outreach involves the recently adopted Succotz Primary School located in the village of San Jose Succotz – a mere ten-minute drive from Ka’ana. Of the three hundred and sixty (360) students currently attending, only a few are able to afford the US$18 yearly tuition. Rather than turning the children away, the school’s lack of resources has resulted in a fledgling sports program, inadequate cafeteria and restroom facilities including leaking roofs.

We are proud to support the Succtoz Primary School with a Bathroom Rehabilitation Project, Feeding Program, Scholarship Fund and Sports Program. We also welcome and facilitate donations or volunteer works at the school so don’t hesitate to contact us to deepen your Belize experience by becoming involved in our social initiatives!