Sweet Belizean Treats for your Sweetie or your Sweet Tooth!


Want to impress your sweetie this Valentine? Or maybe just impress your sweet tooth? Here’s something a little different from your ordinary box of chocolate.

1. Milk Fudge – This candy is a Belizean favorite made from boiled sweetened condensed milk, sugar and spices. Peanuts, cashews, coconut flakes or raisins are sometimes added.

2. Tablata – Another Belizean favourite, this candy is made from the grated young coconut meat mixed with thin ginger slices and sugar.

3. “Wangla” or “Jojoli” – This  exotic tasting confection is made from toasted sesame seeds and sugar and pressed into a crunchy bar.

4.Cotobrute – Here’s another version of coconut sweets  – this one is made of chunks of coconut and melted sugar.

5. “Tambran” – This is Tamarind mixed up with sugar and rolled into bite-size balls. Its sweet and tangy taste will make your mouth smile!

6. Coconut Tarts – Yeah, we never run out of goodies to make from coconut…  A sweet coconut concoction is cooked with milk, sugar and spices and baked into this little beloved pastry.

8. Sweet Potato “Pone” – Some say “Pone”, others say “Pound” – whatever you want to call it, you’ve not tasted a true Belizean dessert if you have  not tried it.

9.  “Stretch-mi-guts” – Belizean coconut pull candy –  not quite so common in Belize anymore so consider yourself lucky if you get to try it.

10.  “Supa” or “Cocoyol” – This sweet stewed candy can make for a special treat as it is one of Belize’s traditional sweets derived from the Mestizos. This treat may is sticky, gooey but plenty delicious.

Want more reasons to know why Belize is so sweet?