What’s the deal with our obsession with sweet corn?


In Belize we grow up on sweet corn and here at Ka’ana we absolutely LOVE it. You can find it as a gelato and in some of our cocktails (Who doesn’t love Ka’ana’s signature Sweet Corn Colada?). Some people even add it to our fish tacos.

Corn is grown successfully in Belize, with the Cayo, Toledo and some parts of the Orange Walk District being particularly successful. It’s sweet, it’s crunchy and definitely satisfying. The best part is that you can get it from anywhere – from street vendors or fine restaurants – in a variety of preparations.

As kids we grew up eating “sugar-corn” ice-cream and popsicles. You can also get rich and creamy atole – hot or chilled.  Here in Belize we love sweet corn smothered in butter or lime and chile – even dipped in cream and sprinkled with cheese!

The Mayas adored it, today’s new generations still love it and you too can get your sweet corn fix whenever you visit us!