Canoeing Barton Creek Cave


If you’ve ever wanted to go back in time to see the way people once lived, get ready for the journey of a lifetime at Belize’s Barton Creek Cave! The scenic 60-minute drive to reach the cave is half the adventure: the trip allows you to experience two completely different cultures in one day.

Your first cultural experience starts as soon as you enter the Mennonite Community of Upper Barton Creek.  A slow moving and ultra traditional group of people, the Mennonites still opt for horse-drawn buggies over motorized vehicles. This hardworking group of people are also credited with providing the local markets with much of its produce, grain and dairy.

Upon arriving at the Barton Creek Cave, you’ll be immersed in all things Maya. These ancient wonders can only be explored by water, so get your gear, board your canoe and push off to the watery entrance of this Maya underworld. Stalagmites and stalactites will impress you as you float leisurely past impressive calcite crystalline formations.

A wealth of Maya cultural artifacts were found on the ledges above this subterranean river, which was a center for ritualistic activities including human sacrifices, fertility rites and bloodletting. The cave was raided long before government protection was implemented, but your guide can still point out eerie remains of human bones, centuries old clay pots (some perfectly intact), and tiny remnants that teach us about this once powerful culture.

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