Dive into Adventure: Cave Tubing in Belize


Cave Tubing Belize

You float along the cool water, gently pushed by the current as your headlamp illuminates the beautiful limestone caves that are sacred to the Maya people.

This is definitely the coolest way to see all that Belize has to offer wrapped up in one adventure: ancient Mayan culture, a beautiful natural landscape, a lazy river and, of course, our fascinating caves. All while lounging in an inner tube!

Cave Tubing Belize

You start out with an informative hike through the rainforest, passing incredible animals and native plants as you follow your guide deep into the jungle. Soon you’ll reach a stunning lagoon surrounded by steep limestone walls, and then the fun really begins!

Cave Tubing Belize

Hop in the water with your private guide and begin the journey into the dark depths of Belize’s famous caves. Make sure you bring your waterproof camera to capture the beautiful rock formations above, and fascinating colors below! Take time to pause at hidden pools, and listen to the sound of water bubbling and crashing around you in the darkness.

Once you exit the cave system, float along the lazy river and enjoy the view of the jungle hanging above your head. Make sure you get some shots of the vibrant greenery!

Caving in Belize

This is a perfect day full of exploration with plenty of relaxation thrown in! Afterwards you’ll return to Ka’ana for a delicious dinner and maybe even a massage. Check out the full details of our tour here.

Want to know more about cave tubing? Dalene from Hecktic Travels wrote about her experience cave tubing with Ka’ana (spoiler alert: she loved it!)

Photo via Hecktic Travels

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