Toast the Sunset on Top of Mayan Ruins


The sky lights up with vibrant shades of red, pink and orange. You raise your glass to toast the end of another adventurous day. The distant lakes glisten pink with the sky, shining brightly in the midst of the deep green jungle. Welcome to Yaxha.

Across the Guatemalan border, through dense rainforest, past howler monkeys and tropical birds, waits one of Central America’s most incredible experiences. And it’s only 60 minutes from Ka’ana!

Yaxha Sunset Tour

Tucked away in the lush jungle of Yaxha National Park, the less-visited Yaxha Mayan Ruins are perfect for a romantic sunset drink (or two).

Situated on a ridge overlooking Lake Yaxha, this ancient city seems to have been created with beautiful views in mind. We begin with a walk through the jungle and a comprehensive tour of the many fascinating temples, getting a sense of the size and importance of this once enormous city.

Yaxha Sunset Tour

The name Yaxha means “blue-green water,” most likely due to the color of the nearby lakes, and it’s one of the few Mayan city names to survive in modern times.  You can see the lakes for yourself as we climb up the main temple to settle in for an epic sunset.

Yaxha Sunset Tour

The views here are simply breathtaking. Sitting on top of the highest point, looking out over the lakes, temples and endless rainforest, we think you’ll agree that Yaxha is an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Yaxha Sunset Tour

As you trek back through the jungle, keep an eye out for nocturnal wildlife. In this rainforest, you never know what you might see and hear as the animals venture out in the twilight hours.

If you’d prefer to stay longer, a luxury overnight camping experience on the banks of beautiful Lake Yaxha is available, and is truly a night to remember!

Yaxha Luxury Camping

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