Feast Your Eyes on Ka’ana’s Local Artwork


Art at Ka'ana

Inspiration at Ka’ana comes in many forms. One of our favorites is the large collection of art strategically located throughout the resort for the pleasure of our guests. These incredible works of artistry allow our guests to appreciate Belize’s indigenous and colonial heritage, with our hand-selected collection of original paintings, sculptures, carvings, dangles and touches that are all uniquely Ka’ana.

Take pleasure in the one-of-a-kind antique masks and handwoven seagrass baskets overlooking our dining room as they set the ambiance for a meal filled with conversation and enjoyment.

Ka'ana Resort artwork

At Ka’ana being eco-conscious is part of our creed. This of course finds its way into our design aesthetic. We like to recycle objects in new ways and use the what we have on the grounds as much as possible . The results can be breathtaking – like this stunning and artful dangle that adorns one of our Master Suites.

Art at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

Ka’ana’s individual Casitas feature exotic rainforest wood furniture, and Mayan art created by local artists highlights each wall and niche.

Art at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

Art at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

This unique sculpture is an original piece that was inherited through the purchase of the resort, It can be seen on display in one of our beautiful villas.

Art at Ka'ana Resort, Belize

No matter what part of Ka’ana you’re enjoying – the lobby, the bar, the pathways, or your own private space – the next time you visit look around and see what little surprises await you around every corner!

Ka'ana Belize Private Villa

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