Expert Photo Tricks to Try on Your Next Vacation


These days, everyone with a smartphone can document every second of their travels. But how do you make sure that the photos you take are worth sharing with people back home? Or framing in the best spot on your bookshelf?

We’ve compiled a list of the best photography tips from some of our favorite bloggers to help you take some epic photos on your next trip to Belize! They may even be… unBELIZEable!

Moving on from terrible puns, here are our five favorite tips for taking amazing travel photos:

Be Confident

Travel Photography Tips: Be Confident

Photo via Mark Wiens

“No matter what kind of camera you use, we can all achieve better results by learning some photography tips.” – Mark Wiens

We’ve definitely found this to be true. Whether you travel with only your smartphone, or a DSLR with multiple lenses, every budding photographer can improve their shots with a few simple tips. And as you learn more, your comfort level with your camera and your skills will grow, and your photos will be better for it. Mark, a self-described “food obsessed travel blogger” and author of Migrationology, has tons of great photo tips like this, but the best one is the simplest: be confident.

As he says, the easiest way to grab that perfect shot is to just do it: “while I’m often intimidated or shy to take photos in certain places (especially when there are lots of people around), the pros know exactly what they’re doing, and shoot photos with confidence, quickly and discreetly.”

Be Ready for All Weather

Travel Photography Tips: Be Ready for All Weather

Photo via Mapping Megan

Megan of Mapping Megan has so many good tips, you should probably head over to her site and read them all! But our absolute favorite one is this: don’t let the weather scare you. It’s easy to take good photos when the sun is bathing everything in its golden glow, but don’t be dismayed if you get a little rain during your adventures.

“Umbrellas and wellies make great props, as do sunglasses, hats and scarves. Remember, the aim is to remember the moment, and moments are always changing. That’s why you’ll have an amazing photo later to remember them by.” Well said, Megan! Make the most of your vacation, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

Change Your Perspective

Travel Photography Tips: Change Your Perspective

Photo via PhilaTravelGirl

After thinking about everything she learned in a National Geographic Photography seminar, Suzanne of PhilaTravelGirl had this advice for those of us trying to improve our nature photography (that’s important for us jungle-dwellers!): “How different would my photographs be if I stood up or lied down?”

By changing her perspective from the one of the standing guide to the one of sitting passenger, she was able to get two very different shots, one clearly more compelling than the other! Take photos from different angles and see what results you get. Be playful!

Think Outside the Postcard

Travel Photography Tips

Photo via Valerie Jardin

Just like changing your perspective, photographer Valerie Jardin encourages us to think beyond the traditional shots we see on postcards in the airport. While famous landmarks are famous for a reason, there’s no reason you should settle for a boring photo (not that that’s really possible in Belize, but still a good point)!

She recommends including signage in your pictures for a bit of local flavor: “the name and price of the fruits and vegetables at farmer’s market written in the local language, creatively painted store signs, a newsstand featuring local papers, even the city street signs will give your images a lively sense of place.” Plus, you can almost guarantee none of your friends will have a photo of colorful Belizean shop signs on their Facebook page!

Don’t Be Afraid of Post-Processing on the Fly

Travel Photography Tips: Post Processing

Photo via Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson, of Young Adventuress, tells us not to shy away from putting a lot of work into the finished product: “My best advice is play with it until you are happy and do your best before sharing it. People love to look at great photos and the more work you put in it, the better the response.” But that doesn’t mean saving your photos until you get to your laptop back home! Her favorite smartphone apps for editing photos on the go are Snapseed, ProHDR, Picfx, and ABM.

What are your favorite photography tips? Let us know in the comments!