Explorer Series: The High-Flying Giron Family


If you’ve ever experienced Belize from the sky, you know it’s a magnificent sight to behold. If you’ve been lucky enough to do it with Gustavo Giron Sr. or Gustavo Giron Jr., the pilots of Astrum Helicopters, you know how magical it is to soar above the blue waters and wild forest like a bird.

Experience Belize from above with these adventurers!

Whether it’s a quick hop from the international airport to our helipad at Ka’ana or a tour over the vast jungles of Belize’s wilderness, we’ve been so happy to work with both Gustavos for many years to ensure our guests have the experience of a lifetime.

We managed to get them out of the cockpit for a few moments to ask some questions about life above the clouds…

Gustavo Giron Sr and his son Gustavo Giron Jr, pilots of Astrum Helicopters in Belize

How did you become explorers who fly above the clouds for a living?

Gustavo Sr.: “I fell in love with flying when I was 12 years old.My dad, also a pilot, let me to fly one of his planes before I even had a driver’s license! I got my fixed wing pilot’s license at 16 which helped me fall in love with flying all over again, only this time I was madly in love with a different type — helicopters.

It’s been over 14,000 hours of flying helicopters and I’m still very much in love. They say people must love what they do and they are very right.”

Gustavo Jr.: “I had always loved flying with my father on whatever flight I could go on with him – my first helicopter ride was when I was a couple months old. Twelve years ago the opportunity presented itself to open up Astrum Helicopters in Belize with my father (and business partner), so I decided to leave the busy streets of NYC – where I worked as a management consultant – and move to Belize for a new challenge.”

Helicopter rides in beautiful Belize

Why Belize?

Gustavo Sr.: “We are immensely grateful to have found our passion and true calling in this paradise of a country with such pristine waters and untouched lavish jungles. This tiny country is so unique due the diversity of activities it provides those whom visit, hence why Astrum Helicopters is the only company that allows you to experience the very best of Belize privately and tailored for you! No matter the length of your stay.”

What’s your signature offering?

Gustavo Jr.: “That would have to be the Waterfall Helicopter Transfer to/from Ka’ana and the Belize International Airport. Ka’ana guests get to enjoy a spectacular helicopter journey and see the largest waterfall in Belize (and Central America) along with 6 other waterfalls!”

A different kind of sightseeing in Belize

You fly all over the country, what do you think makes the Cayo District special?

Gustavo Jr.: “The lush jungles, rivers, hills and of course the untouched Mayan ruins spread out around Cayo. The views from the air are breath taking.”

What’s your favorite story about a guest?

Gustavo Sr.: “When I had to convince a 95-year-old great-grandmother who had never been in a helicopter before to get in and enjoy. After telling her my life story and how many hours I have flown, so she was able to jump in with her family and ended up loving every moment of her ride.”

Gustavo Jr.: “When Harrison Ford visited Belize he asked if he could pilot our helicopters—he is an avid aviator and owns his own helicopter. We agreed to let him fly as copilot with dual controls and over the course of a few days he flew around Belize on the different helicopter adventures we offer.”

What should guests expect when booking a transfer or tour with Astrum?

Gustavo Sr.: “Breathtaking views of Belize in whatever flight route they may choose. A fully trained and professional team, personalized service, and an experience they will treasure for many years to come.”

It’s definitely the coolest way to get around Belize! Talk to our team today to book your next high-flying adventure!