What Simone Biles Loves About Belize


We at Ka’ana were so honored to have Simone Biles and her wonderful family stay with us over the holidays this winter. Not only is she the USA’s favorite Olympic star, Simone is a delight to spend time with!

She arrived an honored guest, but as with everyone who steps through the doors of Ka’ana, she departed as family.

Simone Biles at Ka'ana Resort Belize

She and her family went hiking, jumping into waterfalls, horseback riding to Mayan ruins, and – of course – enjoying their private pool at Ka’ana!

Simone was kind enough to share with us a few of her thoughts on what makes Belize such a special place – plus some Instagram photos of her time with us! (For those of you who don’t know Ms. Biles’ mother is from Belize, which explains here love for our small nation and Belizeans love of her Olympics performance!)

Q: What do you look forward to most when visiting Belize? What’s your favorite memory?

Spending time with my family and going to the beach! My favorite memories are always swimming with the family, spending time on the beach, and just having a good time – also all the amazing food!

It’s our firm belief that everyone should experience Belize’s famous Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce at least once in their lives!

Big Rock Falls Belize 🌹

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Q: What surprises your friends in the US most about your stories of Belize?

I think how calm and relaxing it is!

That is is! There’s nothing like hiking for hours in the jungle without seeing another soul – and end with a leap into a waterfall-filled pool.

Rio On Pools 🌤

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Q: Has your mom, or any family here in Belize, given you any recipes to recreate back home?

We have plenty of family back in Belize! My mom usually makes the classic chicken, rice & beans.

yee haw 🖤🐴✨

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Q: If you were planning a trip for your best friend, what top 3 experiences would you make sure she sees?

Definitely the beach, the Mayan Ruins and the jungle of course!

A gold medal answer! We couldn’t agree more, Simone. You and your wonderful family are welcome back in our jungle any time.

Want to adventure like Simone? Talk to our team today to plan your gold-medal-worthy holiday!